Phonetic Transcription of Spanish

This transcription system is mostly for transcribing place names, and also for writing Spanish words and names in the Arabic and Cyrillic systems. When writing Spanish words that are not place names in the Latin Alphabet, then original Spanish spelling is used.

Transcribed words should be accented like the original Spanish word. Thus, Cyapas “Chiapas” should be accented on the first a, rather than on the last vowel as in native Bakom words.

The Spanish phoneme will be shown on the left in slashes //, with the Bakom transcription on the right in angle brackets ⟨⟩.

/a/ > ⟨a⟩

/ai/ > ⟨ay⟩

/au/ > ⟨aw⟩

/e/, /ei/, /je/ > ⟨e⟩

/we/, /wei/ > ⟨we⟩

/i/ > ⟨i⟩

/o/, /ou/, /wo/ > ⟨o⟩

/oj/ > ⟨uy⟩

/u/ > ⟨u⟩

/m/ > ⟨m⟩

/n/ > ⟨n⟩

/ɲ/ > ⟨ny⟩

/ŋ/ > ⟨ng⟩

/p/ > ⟨p⟩

/t/ > ⟨t⟩

/t͡ʃ/ > ⟨c⟩

/k/ > ⟨k⟩

/b/ > ⟨b⟩

/d/ > ⟨d⟩, ⟨t⟩ (at the end of a word)

/ʝ/, /ʎ/ > ⟨y⟩

/g/ > ⟨g⟩

/f/ > ⟨f⟩

/s/, /θ/ > ⟨s⟩

/x/ > ⟨h⟩

/l/ > ⟨l⟩

/ɾ, r/ > ⟨r⟩ (not written unless before a vowel)

An unstressed /ǝ/ may be pronounced to break up consonant clusters.


Barcelona > Baselona (baselóna)

Madrid > Madrit (madrít)

Valencia > Balensya (balénsya)

Guerrero > Gerero (geréro)

Seville > Sebiye (sebíye)

Córdoba > Kodoba (kódoba)

Gijón > Hihon (hihón)

Zacatecas > Sakatekas (sakatékas)

Puebla > Pwebla (pwébla)

Hidalgo > Idalgo (idálgo)

Chiapas > Cyapas (cyápas)

Tlaxcala > Tlaskala (tlaskála)

Guadalajara > Gwadalahara (gwadalahára)

Monterrey > Montere (monteré)

Buenos Aires > Bwenos Ayres (bwénos áyres)

Bogota > Bogota (bogotá)

Santiago > Santyago (santyágo)


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